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Ian Binks - Dangerously High Noise Levels in Hospitals Affecting Patient Care #55

August 12, 2020

There is a better, smarter more efficient way to send alerts whilst reducing noise,  - Ian Binks

The noise levels in intensive care units have received a lot of attention of late, due to the COVID pandemic. Many non-clinicans such as reporters with their camera crews have left feeling shocked and amazed as to how doctors and nurses deliver care with the relentless bleeps/alarms from hospital equipment. 

The World Health Organization recommends that average patient room noise levels remain around 30 decibels. According to Medscape Medical News, the recommended maximum noise level is 40 decibels. But the average sound level at hospitals, according to a recent study: 48 decibels raising to 90-95 decibels in critical units. This equates to someone shouting to shouting in a subway.

Ian discusses what needs to be done to reduce these harmful noise levels including pager replacement alternatives. The days of clinicians running across wards in a blind panic in response to a pager alarm should be a thing of the past.Please enjoy!

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