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Fungai Ndemera  - ’When Opportunity knocks - Rise to the Calling’  #77

Fungai Ndemera - ’When Opportunity knocks - Rise to the Calling’ #77

June 6, 2022

Fungai Ndemera  - 'When Opportunity knocks - Rise to the Calling'  #77   This is the podcast a lot of you have been asking for!   Thank you to Fungai for dropping by to share some epic Mic Drop moments to motivate and inspire you. Sit back, tune in and enjoy, you're going to love it!   Bio Fungai has over 20 years of experience in entrepreneurship, digital transformation, culture and BAME health behaviours. She arrived in the UK as an immigrant and could barely speak English. With her GCSE level and a Diploma in nursing, she turned out to be a successful businesswoman and innovator. She is passionate about supporting entrepreneurs, BAME/minorities and the health sector in developing effective inclusive digital transformation solutions. She is the tech founder of CheckUp Health, the only digital health platform and app with cultural and BAME engagement metrics, helping healthcare organisations, from GP practices to corporate organisations, monitor proactively and effectively support patients from various backgrounds by offering multilingual options.   URLs   Face book Linkedin Youtube  Instagram Website.

Janet Idowu - BAME Leadership in the boardroom - Reality or Fiction #76

Janet Idowu - BAME Leadership in the boardroom - Reality or Fiction #76

March 6, 2022



Today we unpack and discuss BAME leadership at the boardroom level, with the help of Janet Idowu - Service Manager and Project Development Nurse Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic Leadership at South West London and St George's Mental Health NHS Trust.

This is a must-listen for any aspiring BAME Leader and also for anyone seeking support in the spirit of allyship to ensure there is an equitable representation of people from diverse backgrounds at the boardroom level.

Janet takes us on her journey from Law Graduate to a Service Lead in the NHS, she draws upon many experiences that people from minority groups can relate, with passion and conviction.

Janet has been focused on Leading, implementing & managing BAME nurse development initiatives that facilitate non-registered staff, post registered nursing workforce development across the organisation.
Oversight for the implementation of strategies designed to promote consistency, foster cultural and behavioural change within clinical practice learning environments
Liaise with services and staff across the Trust to facilitate and manage practice development projects that support clinical development and help in managing the team’s business plan, progress and reporting risk and issue management 


Thanks, Janet for a wonderful, insightful conversation.




Make life BOOM!

Melary shares how to engage ethnic and marginalised people during the Covid pandemic #75

Melary shares how to engage ethnic and marginalised people during the Covid pandemic #75

February 20, 2022

The Mic Drop Club welcomes, Melary Kapapiro to show - a great friend and a rare Mental Health leader that is not afraid to challenge stereotypes in the pursuit of making positive changes to improve health and wellbeing.

Melary breaks down the core issues behind covid vaccination hesitancy in Black and ethnic minorities in the UK. Offering areas for government and local community focus with practical solutions explored e.g. gamification in health.

  • The role of community leaders to debunk the vaccination myths.
  • How to provide a safe place for people to express their concern for vaccinations whilst respecting cultural beliefs and norms.
  • Winning the hearts and minds of citizens to drive the vaccination programme.

It’s not shocking to hear that ‘Control’ is a major issue concerning the vaccination programme, this view was shared by Novak Djokovic resulted in deportation from Australia. We even have time to recap the Naomi Osaka 2021 saga - when she was slated by the press for not providing a post-match interview to protect her mental health.

This remains one of my favourite conversations in 2021. I thought this great discussion was lost, however, through a stroke of luck and good fortune, I found it on an old SSD drive.




Thank you Melary for sharing a great conversation


Whatever your beliefs , just try to be on the right side of history X


The Reunion Mic Drop and Jonas Mind Kicker #74

The Reunion Mic Drop and Jonas Mind Kicker #74

February 14, 2022

It's been a while, sorry for the delay. We are back and have missed you all greatly.



How to Diffuse The Mental Health TimeBomb with Jonas (Seo) Fröjd 💛🤯🥋🥇🏰💙  #73

How to Diffuse The Mental Health TimeBomb with Jonas (Seo) Fröjd 💛🤯🥋🥇🏰💙 #73

May 11, 2021

As it is Mental Health Awareness Week, we shall focus on how to better support each other. Great tips shared that will help you get back on track. You matter, your mental health matters! 

Topics covered

Learn how to be better listeners so you can support others in need

Learn the signs of mental distress before they escalate

How to prioritise your tasks to become more effective

Dealing with regret, loss and changes in work environment

Mastering the 4 C's


Mental Health Awareness Week is from M Monday 10 May to Sunday 16 May 2021.

Be part of the fight.



DMX Revelations On Addictions -  Fan Reaction #72

DMX Revelations On Addictions - Fan Reaction #72

April 10, 2021

RIP Earl Simmons (December 18, 1970 – April 9, 2021), aka DMX ("Dark Man X"),  who sadly passed away in White Plains, New York, USA.Condolences strength and love to all his family -  Legend! 
DMX battled with drug addiction to crack cocaine when he was 14 years old, after Ready Ron tricked him into smoking a marijuana cigarette laced with the drug. He also said that he had bipolar disorder. These challenges eventually contributing to his early death. DMX's talent was supreme - rapper-actor, the impromptu pastor he connected with people through his sincere, transparent approach.   
We salute the GREAT DMX and dedicate this show to celebrate his impact on our lives whilst discussing addictions and how we can better support people struggling with this crisis. This Conversation is to open your heart and also provide solutions.


Why Meghan and Harry Will Continue to R.A.I.N #71

Why Meghan and Harry Will Continue to R.A.I.N #71

February 20, 2021

Pre-Recorded Live Reaction to Meghan and Harry being stripped of their Royal patronages. Why is this even an issue in 2021? It is not merely the returning of Harry's honorary military appointments - which shall be redistributed to working members of the Royal Family.

It raises fundamental questions concerning the value of Titles compared to Character and dedication to helping the wider community. The Royal 'Family' being a 'Family' at its core has its own set of highly publicised rituals, traditions, beliefs, protocols that all members must adhere to. In Meghan and Harry's case, these appear to surpass the need for basic human bonding based on simply being oneself. Jonas from MindKicker shares his insights on how we can learn to better individuals, accepting of difference, and confident in our own understanding of who we are.

Enjoy and don't forget to make it R.A.I.N


I am not my body, my mind, my emotions. Everything begins with me. I am Light, I am Peace, I am Harmony! "All of our lives are too unique to copy the path from someone else".

"The greatest challenge in life is not my imperfections, my greatest challenge is my ability to truly be honest with myself" Align and structure your life like this:

4 step method to align and structure your life in a way to prevent these hindrances

1. Recognize, the state of mind I am finding myself in

2. Accept, acknowledge and allow the situation or person to be the way they are.

3. Investigate my emotional and mental state

4. Non-Identity with the practice. I am my body, mind, or emotions There are 2 imported things along the way to mastery 1. Not starting 2. Not going all the way If any of you chooses to climb that path to clarity, I would be very happy to meet you at the peak.

School teaches you lessons, then gives you a test.. Life gives you a test, which teaches you a lesson. Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power. Sensei

99% of People Fail Through a Lack Understanding of Accountability, Authority and Responsibility #70

99% of People Fail Through a Lack Understanding of Accountability, Authority and Responsibility #70

February 18, 2021

Let's talk about accountability, responsibility, and authority.  All too often we tend to forget the difference between the 3 and the interplay they have on your road to success.  This video breaks it down in a live stream format. That's right no breaks 100% focused motivation.

Subscribe and follow the channel for Great Insights!


Enjoy and stay safe x

Kemi - Take Control of Your Health & Wellness #69

Kemi - Take Control of Your Health & Wellness #69

February 7, 2021

In life, we have to have a way to impact people around the world with their health and wellness goals. I am spreading my message to be bold and shine brighter - Kemi

I Had a great opportunity to catch up with Kemi to discuss health and wellness. Kemi is passionate about empowering people to think more seriously about their health whilst being themselves. 


Check out her links and goal below.

Social media links

Facebook page

My Instagram account is 


And my LinkedIn account is

The Inspirational Life Lessons of Captain Sir Tom Moore ft Jonas Fröjd #68

The Inspirational Life Lessons of Captain Sir Tom Moore ft Jonas Fröjd #68

February 6, 2021

In the previously recorded live episode, The Mic Drop Club - salutes and honours The Great Captain Sir Tom Moore may his soul rest in paradise. We breakdown the inspirational life Lessons of Captain Sir Tom Moore, to provoke you to rethink what it means to get old, never giving up, valuing service to others, overcoming fear and so much more. Captain Tom was a legend in our midst and achieved recognition service to others and his country. Tom even managed to grab a Sunday Bestsellers award for his autobiography Tomorrow Will Be A Good Day. I thoroughly recommend reading this book, its a fascinating depiction of history spanning a hundred years interwoven with inspirational, captivating and moving tales spanning his 100 hundreds of life. Enjoy and don't forget to share, comment and subscribe for more weekly motivation.

Enjoy and be Safe


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