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Ian Binks - Revealed: Volvo’s hidden secrets to improve Patient Safety? Plus Exclusive Bonus Outake #59

September 24, 2020


Whats Volvo got to do with Patient Safety you might say? They manufacture cars!  All will be revealed in the final 3 part series with Ian Binks  - Why digitising care is so important. 

We discuss core components of  DCB 0160 and DCB 0129 from both sides of the fence - the software developer and the health organisation to expose the challenges and propose solutions to ensure Patient's Health Outcomes are not compromised as a result of new technology.

Embedding a 'Patient Safety' culture requires an organisation to make it the number 1 priority for all staff directly and supplying solutions into Health and Social Care from C-Level Exec, Managers, Care Team, IT Dept, Admin, Sales to the receptionist. 

Thanks Ian for another great show - Enjoy

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