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Margit Mulder - The Transformational Power Of Community, I Can Do That! #58

September 9, 2020


I have pleasure in sharing with you one of the most deliciously inspiring conversations with Margit Mulder. This podcast will reframe the way you view elemental shapes such as the Square and Circle as Margit shares insights to the source of her passion. 

Margit is Dutch, happily married and has lived in London for over 25 years. A self-proclaimed creative communicator (graphic designer, ideas person) that draws inspiration from the heart to inspire happiness.
This work has led her to work with individuals as well as organisations such as schools and charities who want to promote awareness of a good cause to affect positive behavioural change.

Margit graduated as a Professional Creative Wellbeing Practitioner in 2016 with IATE (Institute of Arts and Therapy and Child Mental Health and the Metropolitan University of London)
Offering 1:1 and group creative therapeutic interventions to children and young people who may present emotional, social, behavioural and mental health issues, particularly when suffering from anxiety, new environments, exam pressures, peer pressure, routines and transitions.

With her therapeutic, compassionate presence and unrelenting love, she focuses a lot of her time working collaboratively with families, communities and embraces the school ethos for every child to transform and realise their potential.  Margit presents herself as truthfully authentic enabling children to be themselves so that they can find that special star inside, that feels like their “purpose”. She aims to help children feel valued for their differences and uniquenesses, feeling accepted, knowing that they are heard, loved for who they are and that they matter. 

Also a talented artist, Margit has illustrated four books around a character called Squarehead. Available on 
The Squarehead series of books encourages children to embrace their uniqueness and understand that “it’s OK to be you”. Linked to the themes in the books, such as  “Lessons for Life” and "Squarehead does mindfulness” plans, which facilitate a creative, integrative and relational means to empower teachers, carers and wellbeing practitioners to help children with their self-worth, self-confidence, self-love, self-respect and kindness to themselves and others. 



Such learnings lead to children expressing and understanding their emotions, developing resilience so they are better equipped to deal with anxieties and hardships, meaning they can handle everyday frustrations better and bounce back from life’s challenges. The ultimate objective is to ensure that children can “PLAY” and are focussing their energy on learning, building better relationships with themselves and others.

Margit is curious and passionate about connecting with people and my community. Margit has been living in Peckham since 2013 and has been sharing a “daily” quote on a chalkboard in the middle of my front garden. “The real-life twitter from a Peckham BIRD"; ”Helping Peckham think, feel, do and change! I choose these quotes very carefully. The boards hold elements/themes of:
Inspiration, Creativity, Courage, Love, Empathy, Hope, Freedom, Playfulness, Acceptance and Curiosity


She only realised HOW powerful this form of communication after receiving thank-you notes and letters through the post box. I have had many profound, meaningful and beautiful conversations with passers-by that have moved me. It has given her so many wonderful connections and magical experiences. 
During the festive period, Margit has become accustomed and deeply humbled to receive Xmas cards with wishes and some people have even baked her cakes and bread to show their appreciation.
The chalkboard is like mirrors of the person’s inner world. Kohut talks about the developmental theory for our need to be mirrored so that we feel special and valued Kohut says in the twinship need we wish to be like others to belong. When a passer-by is touched by the board it can make them feel less alone as it means someone-else must have had a similar experience for it to end up on the board. 
You won’t understand the unabashed power of a community until you are part of one. 



You can follow the Peckham Bird :

Instagram @peckhambird 

Some of Margit's illustration, creations and makings: 

Instagram @rainbow_maker


Instagram @wearesquarehead


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