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Oliver Nowak - Beyond 2 Seconds - Secrets, How To Win In Digital Sales #56

August 20, 2020

Oliver Nowak is the Account Development Representative at Crossfuze and author of the weekly blog The Digital Iceberg Aspirations. In this Podcast Oliver takes us on his own Digital Transformation journey, breaking down the challenges he has encountered and how he managed to overcome them.  

Oliver is a natural strategic thinker with a passion for marrying technology with the wants and needs of people.

In this discussion Olivers shares the qualities required to succeed in Sales and Digital Transformation which is discipline, resilience, compassion, clarity and authenticity. 

Oliver is striving to become a consultant in Digital Transformation ecosystems.

Great Sales advice for anyone entering the world of Sales.

How to process and raise above rejection by reframing your views 

How to ask the right questions

How to remain patient and stay buoyant throughout the sales process

How to demonstrate the value to prospects

Plus so much more.


Oliver is a real star and someone we shall be keeping a close eye on throughout his career.

'Strategically makes his heart sing'



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