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Jonas Fröjd - How To Build An Remarkable Life Around Your Passion - What is your why? Part 2-2 #63

Jonas Fröjd - How To Build An Remarkable Life Around Your Passion - What is your why? Part 2-2 #63

November 21, 2020
What is your why? Probably the most important question you can ask yourself. Yet many people go about their lives without stopping to consider, the root of their belief system, the reason behind their actions to why they gravitate towards certain people, places and things. Without such deep reflective introspection you might be pursuing goals that do not align to your values, principles and beliefs.
This can result in feelings of dissatisfaction in the midst of success.  In part 2 of  How To Build An Remarkable Life Around Your Passion, we welcome back Jonas Fröjd to shed more insights and mic drops to help you on your way.
Enjoy and be safe X


Leigh Joyce - Risk Everything To Be Happy (3-3) #62

Leigh Joyce - Risk Everything To Be Happy (3-3) #62

October 20, 2020

"Every thing has an end date, nothing lasts forever"  Leigh Joyce

In the last of our 3 part Super Set Series.  Leigh goes into hyper drive, sharing  even more nuggets of wisdom as we catch on his training developments and life.

Motivation should not feel like a rollercoaster ride, understanding the difference between motivation and drive is just the start. Leigh shares more proven techniques to help you reach your goals in life! 

Learn the power of  financial management - visualisation, goal setting & time management  and keep pushing forwards. 

Thanks Leigh for your contributions over the last 3 podcasts , we wish good luck for the future and look forward to hearing how you are progressing on your goals.

A True Champ!

Enjoy Peeps

Leigh Joyce - Unmasking Mens Mental Health, The Best Way to Speak Out! Plus So Much More 2-3 #61

Leigh Joyce - Unmasking Mens Mental Health, The Best Way to Speak Out! Plus So Much More 2-3 #61

October 11, 2020

Society is still coming to terms with men expressing their emotions and opening up about mental health. Today being World Mental Health Day, we have an exclusive therapeutic session recorded live from the show. Yes, Leigh and I open up on our challenges uses some powerful tools that you can use yourself. The intention is to drive awareness, in how we think, feel and act so we can build resilience, confidence and become better versions of ourselves. 

Plus so much more, Leigh as always brings the fire, I simply supplied the matchsticks!


Be safe out there X




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Leigh Joyce - How to Know When It’s Time to Let Go - Super Set Part 1-3 #60

Leigh Joyce - How to Know When It’s Time to Let Go - Super Set Part 1-3 #60

October 4, 2020

Drawing on both Jiu Jitsu and brutal life lessons. Leigh breaks the signs that lets you know when it's time to let go to move yourself forward. As part of the Super Set Series - Holistic Strength and Conditioning.

Leigh brutal honesty and candid reflections of his life inter woven with strict discipline needed to be competition ready world class athlete is refreshing

And insightful. We all can’t be world class athletes, but we can can share the principles needed to overcome setback to reach our fullest potential.



Please enjoy!

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Even Alexia

Ian Binks - Revealed: Volvo’s hidden secrets to improve Patient Safety? Plus Exclusive Bonus Outake #59

Ian Binks - Revealed: Volvo’s hidden secrets to improve Patient Safety? Plus Exclusive Bonus Outake #59

September 24, 2020


Whats Volvo got to do with Patient Safety you might say? They manufacture cars!  All will be revealed in the final 3 part series with Ian Binks  - Why digitising care is so important. 

We discuss core components of  DCB 0160 and DCB 0129 from both sides of the fence - the software developer and the health organisation to expose the challenges and propose solutions to ensure Patient's Health Outcomes are not compromised as a result of new technology.

Embedding a 'Patient Safety' culture requires an organisation to make it the number 1 priority for all staff directly and supplying solutions into Health and Social Care from C-Level Exec, Managers, Care Team, IT Dept, Admin, Sales to the receptionist. 

Thanks Ian for another great show - Enjoy

Margit Mulder -  The Transformational Power Of Community, I Can Do That! #58

Margit Mulder - The Transformational Power Of Community, I Can Do That! #58

September 9, 2020


I have pleasure in sharing with you one of the most deliciously inspiring conversations with Margit Mulder. This podcast will reframe the way you view elemental shapes such as the Square and Circle as Margit shares insights to the source of her passion. 

Margit is Dutch, happily married and has lived in London for over 25 years. A self-proclaimed creative communicator (graphic designer, ideas person) that draws inspiration from the heart to inspire happiness.
This work has led her to work with individuals as well as organisations such as schools and charities who want to promote awareness of a good cause to affect positive behavioural change.

Margit graduated as a Professional Creative Wellbeing Practitioner in 2016 with IATE (Institute of Arts and Therapy and Child Mental Health and the Metropolitan University of London)
Offering 1:1 and group creative therapeutic interventions to children and young people who may present emotional, social, behavioural and mental health issues, particularly when suffering from anxiety, new environments, exam pressures, peer pressure, routines and transitions.

With her therapeutic, compassionate presence and unrelenting love, she focuses a lot of her time working collaboratively with families, communities and embraces the school ethos for every child to transform and realise their potential.  Margit presents herself as truthfully authentic enabling children to be themselves so that they can find that special star inside, that feels like their “purpose”. She aims to help children feel valued for their differences and uniquenesses, feeling accepted, knowing that they are heard, loved for who they are and that they matter. 

Also a talented artist, Margit has illustrated four books around a character called Squarehead. Available on 
The Squarehead series of books encourages children to embrace their uniqueness and understand that “it’s OK to be you”. Linked to the themes in the books, such as  “Lessons for Life” and "Squarehead does mindfulness” plans, which facilitate a creative, integrative and relational means to empower teachers, carers and wellbeing practitioners to help children with their self-worth, self-confidence, self-love, self-respect and kindness to themselves and others. 



Such learnings lead to children expressing and understanding their emotions, developing resilience so they are better equipped to deal with anxieties and hardships, meaning they can handle everyday frustrations better and bounce back from life’s challenges. The ultimate objective is to ensure that children can “PLAY” and are focussing their energy on learning, building better relationships with themselves and others.

Margit is curious and passionate about connecting with people and my community. Margit has been living in Peckham since 2013 and has been sharing a “daily” quote on a chalkboard in the middle of my front garden. “The real-life twitter from a Peckham BIRD"; ”Helping Peckham think, feel, do and change! I choose these quotes very carefully. The boards hold elements/themes of:
Inspiration, Creativity, Courage, Love, Empathy, Hope, Freedom, Playfulness, Acceptance and Curiosity


She only realised HOW powerful this form of communication after receiving thank-you notes and letters through the post box. I have had many profound, meaningful and beautiful conversations with passers-by that have moved me. It has given her so many wonderful connections and magical experiences. 
During the festive period, Margit has become accustomed and deeply humbled to receive Xmas cards with wishes and some people have even baked her cakes and bread to show their appreciation.
The chalkboard is like mirrors of the person’s inner world. Kohut talks about the developmental theory for our need to be mirrored so that we feel special and valued Kohut says in the twinship need we wish to be like others to belong. When a passer-by is touched by the board it can make them feel less alone as it means someone-else must have had a similar experience for it to end up on the board. 
You won’t understand the unabashed power of a community until you are part of one. 



You can follow the Peckham Bird :

Instagram @peckhambird 

Some of Margit's illustration, creations and makings: 

Instagram @rainbow_maker


Instagram @wearesquarehead


Dr Belinda Coker -  Frictionless Digital Transformation #57

Dr Belinda Coker - Frictionless Digital Transformation #57

August 28, 2020

'Using DigitalHealth to improve Body Literacy - Helping to empower people to better understand how their body works' Dr Belinda Coker

Welcome to another episode of The Mic Drop Club, where I have the pleasure to sit down and discuss with high performers and people of influence across a variety of industries, Technology, Health, Sports, Art, Music and Personal Motivation to list but a few. 

This episode, I have the honour to welcome,  Dr Belinda Coker who is an experienced General Practitioner and Chief Medical Officer with extensive experience in virtual healthcare, clinical governance, service design, patient experience and healthcare management. 

She has over 15 years of experience in the healthcare sector, qualifying from Imperial College School of Medicine in 2002. Her training initially began in Obstetrics & Gynaecology and Sexual Health at Chelsea & Westminster hospital. She then spent time working in Sexual Health in Charing Cross Hospital then Family Planning Services in Lewisham during her GP training. She qualified as a GP in 2009.

In 2013, she completed an Executive MBA in Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Design achieving a Merit and was awarded the IBM prize for Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Design. She became the Executive Medical Director of an urgent care healthcare provider in South London.  

Belinda has provided her deep industry knowledge and clinical strategy expertise to leaders in the healthcare industry as a Health Consultant since 2012. Over the last five years, she has worked with numerous digital health companies. Belinda is currently on the Clinical Advisory Board of Daye, a Board Trustee for Ambient and on the Core Team of One Healthtech. She is passionate about using technology, design and innovation to support and enable staff and patients to have the best possible experience in healthcare. 

Belinda is the founder of Your Trusted Squad a curated resource of the best clinically approved content, health apps, wearables, devices and online healthcare services to empower women to look after their health and wellbeing.

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Oliver Nowak -  Beyond 2 Seconds -  Secrets, How To Win In Digital Sales #56

Oliver Nowak - Beyond 2 Seconds - Secrets, How To Win In Digital Sales #56

August 20, 2020

Oliver Nowak is the Account Development Representative at Crossfuze and author of the weekly blog The Digital Iceberg Aspirations. In this Podcast Oliver takes us on his own Digital Transformation journey, breaking down the challenges he has encountered and how he managed to overcome them.  

Oliver is a natural strategic thinker with a passion for marrying technology with the wants and needs of people.

In this discussion Olivers shares the qualities required to succeed in Sales and Digital Transformation which is discipline, resilience, compassion, clarity and authenticity. 

Oliver is striving to become a consultant in Digital Transformation ecosystems.

Great Sales advice for anyone entering the world of Sales.

How to process and raise above rejection by reframing your views 

How to ask the right questions

How to remain patient and stay buoyant throughout the sales process

How to demonstrate the value to prospects

Plus so much more.


Oliver is a real star and someone we shall be keeping a close eye on throughout his career.

'Strategically makes his heart sing'



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Ian Binks  - Dangerously High Noise Levels in Hospitals Affecting Patient Care  #55

Ian Binks - Dangerously High Noise Levels in Hospitals Affecting Patient Care #55

August 12, 2020

There is a better, smarter more efficient way to send alerts whilst reducing noise,  - Ian Binks

The noise levels in intensive care units have received a lot of attention of late, due to the COVID pandemic. Many non-clinicans such as reporters with their camera crews have left feeling shocked and amazed as to how doctors and nurses deliver care with the relentless bleeps/alarms from hospital equipment. 

The World Health Organization recommends that average patient room noise levels remain around 30 decibels. According to Medscape Medical News, the recommended maximum noise level is 40 decibels. But the average sound level at hospitals, according to a recent study: 48 decibels raising to 90-95 decibels in critical units. This equates to someone shouting to shouting in a subway.

Ian discusses what needs to be done to reduce these harmful noise levels including pager replacement alternatives. The days of clinicians running across wards in a blind panic in response to a pager alarm should be a thing of the past.Please enjoy!

Simon Belousoff - The 13 Leadership Sins of Enterprise Digital Transformation #54

Simon Belousoff - The 13 Leadership Sins of Enterprise Digital Transformation #54

August 4, 2020

Simon Belousoff - The 13 Leadership Sins of Enterprise Digital Transformation, and So Much More #54 


“A lot of organisations use the language of Digital Transformation, but in reality there're only comfortable with small-c change" - Simon Belousoff 


This episode Simon breaks down - The 13 Leadership Sins of Enterprise Digital Transformation and so much more. Simon shares his global insights into how to successfully bring about Transformation across a variety of sectors using best practice principles you can apply to your initiatives


Simon is an executive thought leader with significant experience in senior roles in the enterprise digital transformation and customer experience innovation space. He has worked across a wide range of consumer-facing industry verticals, both regulated and unregulated, including health insurance, financial services, telecommunications and gaming. In his most recent role at Bupa Health Insurance in Australia, he was the business lead for a program of work enabling always-on omni-channel personalised customer experiences at enterprise scale, including the design and build of a contemporary best practice Big Data platform. 


Thanks, Simon simplify the complex processes that drive Transformation.



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